Breakfast & Brunch

Early Bird Burrito

The Early Finch Burrito

Our signature early morning burrito served from 7-9am everyday. A flour tortilla filled with egg, cheddar cheese, roasted potato and Hatch green chile sauce. 



Yogurt & Granola

House made granola layered with yogurt, honey, strawberries and house made compote.


Breakfast Sandwiches

City French

Two scrambled eggs, black forest ham, brie and red pepper aioli, on a house made croissant, with a choice fruit, English muffin or crognet. 

Green Eggs & Sam

Two scrambled eggs, provolone, spinach, basil pesto and roasted tomatoes served on fresh focaccia, with a choice of fruit, English muffin, or crognet.

Spott' On

Two eggs over medium*, sharp cheddar, bacon and garlic aioli served on a brioche bun, with a choice of fruit, English muffin or crognet.


Two scrambled eggs, pastrami, jalapenos, caramelized onions, horseradish aioli and Swiss cheese on a toasted brioche bun with a choice of fruit, English muffin or crognet.


Tartine aka Toast

Sunrise Toast

Two sunny side eggs*, bacon, maple aioli, roasted tomatoes, Swiss cheese and arugula on toasted multigrain bread served with a garden green salad.

Sheaney Toast

Toasted multi-grain bread with goat cheese basil pesto, smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, and arugula, served with a garden salad.

$11.25 - $14.25
Fettster Toast

Smoked salmon layered on toasted rye bread with citrus caper cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion and spinach, served with a garden salad. 

$13.95 - $16.95



Two sunny side eggs*, chorizo, roasted sweet and white potatoes, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and kale, served with choice of fruit, English muffin or crognet.


Two sunny side eggs*,crispy prosciutto, mushrooms, roasted potato and tomato, spinach, provolone, basil pesto and onion, with choice of fruit, English muffin or crognet.


Two sunny side eggs*, roasted squash, zucchini, garlic clove, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, arugula and goat cheese, with choice of fruit, English muffin or crognet.


Scramble, Burrito & Plates

Basic Breakfast

Two eggs*, homefries and bacon, served with fruit and choice of English muffin or crognet.

D.F. Burrito

Scrambled eggs, pulled pork, chimichurri, Swiss cheese, potatoes and onions wrapped in a white flour tortilla and smothered with house made green chile, served with a garden salad.

Farmhouse Scramble

Two eggs scrambled with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, spinach and provolone. Served with a green salad, roasted potatoes and toast. 

Dtown Omelette

Two scrambled eggs filled with red onion, roasted red peppers, diced ham and cheddar cheese, served with green salad, roasted potatoes and toast. 

O&F Huevos Rancheros

Two sunny side eggs, green chile, seasoned black beans, cheddar cheese, seared avocado, sour cream, cotija and cilantro layered on a white tortilla.


Juice Bar

All In One

If you are looking for an all in one remedy, this blend of oranges, apples, beets, carrots, cucumbers, and ginger not only tastes great, but does it all. 

$6.50 - $8.99
Just Beet It

Beets, grapes, carrots, lemons and oranges join together to boost your energy and aid in weight loss.

$6.50 - $8.99
Orange You Glad

This anti-inflammatory combination of carrots, ginger, turmeric, oranges and black pepper join forces to keep you energized while it aids digestion, fights free radicals, and boosts your immune system.

$6.50 - $8.99

This combination of apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach and spirulina is the perfect recovery drink after your intense workout or long night.

$6.50 - $8.99
Rise & Shine

A combination of apples, kale, grapes, celery, ginger, lemons, oranges and spinach that is as delicious as it is beneficial.

$6.50 - $8.99
Orange Juice

The finest orange juice from 100% Florida Oranges.

$3.50 - $5.50
Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice is a naturally tart, slightly sour and high in vitamin C.

$3.50 - $5.50

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